The Comparison of Ultrasound Gel Assistive Devices

There are many warming devices for the ultrasound gel warming in the market, some are for one bottle, some are for several bottles. Some are low working watt, that use the USB wire to connect the power, which warming time would be slow and last for 30-60 minutes. Some are high working power, and the warm time would be short.

However, the devices in the market all only have warming function, but no squeeze function, which could not meet the request of the sonograher and solve the problems in their daily job.

YUSO Smart Ultrasound Gel Dispenser is integrated with warming function and equeeze function. This device is innovated independently by YUSO team, it is the only one with two-in-one function in the market.

YUSO Smart Ultrasound Gel Dispenser provides a humanized and smart solution,

It is used to assist the sonographer to squeeze the ultrasound gel instead of hand, and there’s heating function to warm the gel as well. it works with the traditional 250ml bottled coupling gel. It is smart and auto-running, and will dispense the warm ultrasound gel automatically when the detecting probe is closed to it .

This device solves the problems of hand and shoulder stiff and pain for the sonographer, and solve the problems of multiple operation steps. Make sonographer’s work be more comfortable, relaxed and convenient, make their working state better.

YUSO Technology is a world’s leading automation and intelligent technology expert, and  a national certified high-tech enterprise.

Since 2019, YUSO technology entered the medical field, with the rich experience and world leading technology of automation design and intelligent manufacturing, YUSO bring the excellent outfits ,such as Smart Ultrasound Gel Dispenser, Smart Medical Garbage Sorting Robot, Smart Moxibustion Assistor, to the intelligent hospitals, and facilitate the work in hospital by innovated applications.

YUSO technology, facilitate the work by innovation!

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