YUSO Open A New Gate

In the morning of September 26,2022, the newly decorated south gate of company in the first floor was officially opened. After setting off the firecrackers, the company name at the gate was officially unveiled, the door is open widely from now on, welcome people from all over the world!

On the left side of the gate, inlaid with square and powerful Chinese characters of “YUSO”. on the right side of the gate, is inlaid with the sentences of [Dao De Jing] of Laozi: Tao begot(created) one, one begot(created)two, two begot(created)three, three begot(created)all things, Yin and Yang embrace together in everything, moving, adjusting and balancing all the time with the Tao.

After entering the gate, it is the lobby and front desk of the south gate, spacious,high and wide, like the high sky and wide land, can accommodate the Qi of heaven and earth, the Qi of the human world.

Now is in the period of great changes of a century, the world is changing, the economic environment is full of challenges; However, YUSO Technology is still active, moving forward steadily. Now we open the south gate, with a modest and solemn attitude, waiting for friends from all sides to come!

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