The solution of gel fluid squeezed dispensing

YUSO Smart Gel Squeezing Dispenser

The normal liquid is easy to flow, when there’s exit, it would flow automatically. There’re many ways and devices to dispense this kind of liquid, so the cost of the ways and devices  would be lower, or much lower.

However, the gel form fluid, which is put into a container of bottle, if there exit mouth is small, could not flow out by itself. It need to squeeze to make the gel out. So the design of making the gel out by mechanical automatic way would be more complicate, and would lead to high cost.

YUSO Smart Gel squeezing dispenser would make the gel out automatically, could warm the gel and keep the gel constantly warm.

YUSO gel dispenser
YUSO Smart gel dispenser
YUSO Smart Gel Dispenser
YUSO Smart Gel Dispenser

The gel category that need to squeezed are: ultrasound gel, endoscopy lubricant, sterile gel, gel food etc. They belong to the medical field, and there is also a demand for gel dispensing in the non-medical field.

In the medical field, YUSO Smart Gel Dispenser dispense the gel automatically,

Could decrease the cross-contamination.

Could free the hands, which help to do lots of other things

Would make the work be higher efficient

The warm function and constantly keep warm function make the gel contact person feel good.

Could provide stable, even and smooth gel supplying.

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