The Celebration of Mid-autumn Festival in YUSO

On Friday, September 9,2022, the last day of work before the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, colleagues of YUSO’s HR department held a rich and lively festival celebration for everyone.


In the lobby of the Water-like Pavilion on the first floor, hanging the colorful lanterns and red riddle slips, making the whole lobby full of a festive atmosphere.



In the celebration activity, we also specially held the award ceremony for the outstanding employees of the company in the first half of the year, and awarded the outstanding employee for their outstanding performance, and encouraged everyone to make progress to a better person.



We gathered together, listened to the host to share our achievements and harvest of the half year by our joint efforts, the face is full of joy.



In the activity, we ate a variety of delicious food, made cheerful communication. Colleagues who like to guess lantern riddles will actively play their clever intelligence to guess, and those who guess correctly can win the moon rabbit, lanterns and other different types of prizes.



The joy and happiness are full of the Water-like pavilion in this harvest Autumn!


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