What problems we could solve for the sonographer?

The problems and troubles of sonographer:

Frequent squeeze of ultrasound gel in daily work, make the hands and shoulders of Sonographer in ultrasonography department be stiff, discomfort and pain. It would affects the state and mood of them, ultimately affects the work efficiency and quality, and also affects the communication between doctors and patients.

Meanwhile,long-term using hand force(squeeze) would make the hand muscles be stiff, and cause strain, resulting in hand swollen, rough and ugly.

The common way of manipulating the ultrasound examination is using double hands with 8 steps, which is Inconvenient.

It will be not easy to control the amount of ultrasound gel by hand after the hands are tired that squeeze too many times, and will cause the waste of gel.

Bad experience of examined people

The temperature of the normal ultrasound gel is usually low, especially in the winter, would be much lower than the body temperature. When the gel is put into the skin of the examined people, the cold feeling will produce great stimulation to the them, making them tremble and even be spasm, and also may make them have bad mood and even be anger, which will eventually affect the effect of examination and the communication and harmony between the doctor and the examined people.

The bad mood, or even angry of the examined people, will affect their physical state, and eventually affect their physical performance, which would make the examination result become unreal.Bad mood will also correspondingly affect the sonographer, so that the sonographer may be in unstable state, and could not concentrate on the work, which would affect the judgement of the examination.

Humanized and smart solution

YUSO technology provide a humanized and smart solution,

The Smart Ultrasound Gel Dispenser is used to assist the medical staff to squeeze the ultrasound gel instead of hand, and there’s heating function to warm the gel as well. it works with the traditional 250ml bottled coupling gel. It is smart and auto-running, and will dispense the warm ultrasound gel automatically when the detecting probe is closed to it .

This device solves the problems of hand and shoulder stiff and pain for the sonographer, and solve the problems of multiple operation steps. Make sonographer’s work be more comfortable, relaxed and convenient, make their working state better.

Their hands are no feeling of tired, stiff and pain any more, and their work become easier, no disturbance by uncomfortable. Their mind is always clear, always in good working state.

Warm ultrasound gel and warm smile of sonographer bring warm feeling to the examined people. And when the working is easier, the living would be happier.

YUSO smart outfit, make your life and job be more comfortable!

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