How doses the Smart Ultrasound Gel Dispenser work?

The Smart Ultrasound Gel Dispenser produced by YUSO is used to assist the sonographer to squeeze the transmission gel instead of hand in the operation of Ultrasound examination, and there’s heating function to the gel as well. It is smart and auto-running, easy to operate.

The main feature is as below:

◆Dispense automatically

◆Responsive, 0.5s dispensing response

◆Dispense and stop accurately

◆Dispensing is stable and smooth

◆Heating and Constant temperature keeping (35-45 degree)

◆Works with 250ml bottled coupling gel

YUSO Smart Ultrasound Gel Dispenser is very easy to use. Just connect to the power, power on, and put the bottle of gel inside, press the start button, the device will start to work. It will dispense the warm coupling gel automatically when the probe is closed to it . only one hand to use it, very convenient!

This device solves the problems of hand and shoulder stiff and pain for the sonographer, and solve the problems of multiple operation steps. Make sonographer’s work be more comfortable, relaxed and convenient, make their working state better.

YUSO innovation, facilitate your work!

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