Advanced Echocardiography Couch

The advanced Echocardiography Couch(table) is for echocardiography ultrasound procedures with features of vertical and horizontal movement. The electric cardiac drop-down cushion releases from right side of the table, providing open access to the patient’s left thorax area for an unencumbered apical approach. eliminating obstruction to sonographer and protecting the probe which is high cost.

Smart Ultrasound Gel Dispenser(Mini)

Innovative equipment, which is the first one in the world! Equeeze the 250ml bottle gel instead of hand, release the hand from pain and ache; it could help to increase 30% working efficiency, reduce 20% the waste of gel, and decrease the risk of cross-contamination, it could warm the gel as well.

Smart Medical Garbage Sorting Equipment

Sorting the medical garbage by intelligent processing, and pack them automaticall when it's full. reduce the cross-contamination, facilitate the work.


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